After a rather long Debug Cycle, I'm getting back into the swing of development. This means it's probably time to write about what actually changed from Version 0.2 to 0.3.

It's been a lot of work since December, when I finished the 0.2 Debug Cycle. Since then I've launched this site and started getting out there on social media, as many of you will know! I've also launched a YouTube channel, and you can find a new complete run through of Special Space Force in it's current prototype stage here!

For those who weren't with us during Version 0.2, it established the sector view and the force organisation view. Since I've embellished some things, like planetary graphics, but much of the basic mechanics in those two things stayed the same.

The Sector view in 0.3

Version 0.3 added several features. The most important one was Voidcraft. These ships of space are fundamental to the gameplay in Special Space Force, as they allow you to move your troops from one system to another, and take them around the galaxy to fight the many battles you're going to have.

The Advanced System Craft View, which allows loading and unloading of slots and squads

They will also be an integral part of your combat machine and, later in the development, will be responsible for keeping your troopers armed and armoured when away from home.

Voidcraft was not the only big change of 0.3, as planet economics and the turn system were added. Planets now have economies that grow or shrink depending on what happens in the game - If they're attacked, production and exports are going to drop. Factions were added as managers of the income produced from planets, and the turn system just gathers up all the income from a faction's planets and saves it in a stockpile for now.

Planet Economy Screen

Later in development, this stockpile will actually affect how much stuff factions can build, expand, and attack, and the player faction may adjust the funding given to the player forces depending on their achievements in the sector.

The last main feature added was sounds, including the music manager. At some point, you will be able to add your own music tracks and give them genre tags, but at the moment, I'm using a bunch of music I sourced online at Free Stock Music, and some of the stuff on that site is amazing. If you need any music, head over there and check out some of the artists! I will definitely be giving back to the authors when I am in a position to do so.

Version 0.3.1 brought in the main menu and a simple version of the customisation menu for new players to use. It also included a fresh coat of paint for the UI, but let me know if it's too much or just right!

Coming up on my to do list for the next development cycle is the narrative combat system, which comes linked to the Threat system. Together, these will form the core of interactions between your force and alien races, and you will get to read about gallant actions and valiant defeats from all of the battles you fight. I hope to make these stories archive into some form of history later in development, almost as though writing your own book or anthology of short stories.

There are other changes coming in version 0.4, but I don't want to spoil everything!

I am also going to be starting to organise a Crowdfunding campaign, most likely on Kickstarter, that will begin sometime after the release of version 0.4. Because I will consider the Special Space Force prototype complete after this stage, It will be offered as a free demo of the project for anyone who wants to try before committing to the Kickstarter campaign. Once the Kickstarter concludes, Special Space Force will enter an alpha stage.

At this point in time, I have not determined at what point early access or a full release will occur.

I will update this Dev-Blog whenever i have important news, so fill out the contact form on the home page if you want to be added to the mailing list and receive notifications of updates! (These updates will be less than once a week)

You can also see more regular updates on our instagram, facebook, twitter or Discord channel!

Thanks for reading,

Good luck Generals!

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