Version 0.3.9 - Combat and Threats!

The newest release of Special Space Force, Version, is now live on the downloads page! Absolutely anyone can download this, and this means that anyone can give it a try!

So what's new?

Threats System

The threat system talked about in the previous blog post has been implemented into this version, meaning that enemy factions will send it's forces around the sector to try and disrupt your faction and it's planets! It is your goal to stop this from happening! This is the main gameplay loop you will encounter in the game - Enemy forces appear on one of your planets, and you must dispatch your troops to stop the enemy from claiming the world!

Some of the planets you'll need to defend!

It is still in an early stage, with threats currently not able to de-spawn, capture planets or spread like a cancer throughout a system, but these are in the pipeline and coming at some point in the future!

Combat System

Version 0.3.9 includes the first version of SSF's combat system, which will allow you to engage the enemies spawned by the threat system! This system has two key parts, the encounters, and the narrative system.

Brief run through of the combat system

The Encounters are individual fights that take place between a slot or squad of your troopers, and a selection of enemies from the enemy force. These are limited to whichever side has the lowest number of selections - If you send two slots against an enemy force with 5 units in, there will be 2 encounters. Likewise, if you send 5 slots against an enemy force with 1 unit, there will only be 1 encounter!

Encounters handle the step by step combat for the engine, taking the inputs from weapons, armour, distance between units, enemy unit details, and lots more. Using all this data, it works out who gets injured, killed, incapacitated, and more. At the moment, the system results in an overwhelming number of small injuries, and when these injuries add up, they incapacitate troopers. Usually, this means there are a lot more incapacitated troopers than killed troopers, though if you lose the battle, those incapacitated troopers are also lost as though they are killed.

Example of an outbalanced force with lots of MIA

The other side of combat is the Narrative system, which takes the step outputs from each encounter and generates a narrative, or story, for that encounter to display on the screen. These stories are drawn from a number of sources, including threat and race files, generic story templates, and from the missions themselves.

These stories are pieced together with information in the form of "Codes", which when uncovered are linked to encounter information or random strings. For example, you can retrieve the name of squad leaders, or weapons that injured/killed troopers, and even information about the planet and it's biome or the terrain the troopers are fighting in.

At the moment, these stories are few in number, so repeats are all but guaranteed. However, as development continues, the number of stories, categories and the codes that go with them will increase, to the point where hopefully every battle feels unique. The best part about SSF is you can already help to achieve this - if you add your own stories to the generic stories xml files, you should see these appear in the narrative system!

There is lots more information to come about the narrative system and how you can modify it, but for now, have fun testing it out to your hearts content! Again, you can grab it on the downloads page - here! Make sure to join the discord page - if you have any bug reports, that's the best place to post them!

Voidcraft in game doing what they do best - orbiting!

That's all I have for you today, thanks for reading! Good Luck Generals!

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