Estimated Release Date - 2022

Lead a Regiment of Special Operations Troopers in a futuristic Galaxy of your own devising in Special Space Force.

At it's core, Special Space Force combines a Force Organisation system and a unique Narrative Combat System to create a story-like journey of your troops and voidcraft as they fight battles beyond our wildest dreams/nightmares.


In it's current Prototype Stage, Special Space Force offers - 

·      An in-depth Force and Fleet management screen

·      Customisable troopers with modding compatibility

·      A custom generated Sector Map of star systems and planets

·      Voidcraft capable of transporting troops around the sector

·      A template system for creating your own force and fleet layouts

·      Moddable voidcraft, planet biomes and Alien Races​

·      A prototype of a unique Narrative Combat System that takes input data from turn based combat and outputs a story transcript of the actions of your troops.

· A mod compatible threat based spawning system, which spawns “threats” the player has to counter. 


I hope to be able to include all manner of things, however the main planned features for it's release are :-

· User interaction with combat as it happens, or let their commanders deal with it if they trust them.

· A Galaxy of empires of which your sector represents just a part of. Who you will have to fight will depend on many factors, and not just ones from within your own sector as your empire strives to gain the goals you set it in the game generation.

· Full research and tech trees for all items that depend on your faction’s overall tech level. You won’t be able to unlock tech that your faction hasn’t completed fundamental research in yet. However, there are many lines we can take this down, from armour and vehicle parts all the way to bionics and genetics.

· A full tutorial/story campaign that exits into a set galaxy, designed to be balanced and fair.

If you are a member of the testing community, please head over to our downloads sections. 

Squad Customisation.gif


If you want to get involved in the testing, you can head to our discord server (hit the url symbol below), send us a message on Facebook, or send us an email using the form below or your email app!

Head to the downloads page to get hold of the SSF prototype

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